Merino Wool Socks Lend New Meaning to 'No Sweat'

Are you dreaming of Spring on these cold, snowy days? Well, it is right around the corner. Visions of long walks in the woods, singing birds, and nature teeming with life will soon be a reality for you to get out there and explore. Are you ready? You will need to keep those feet warm and dry as you traverse the woodsy green trails of our fair state and beyond. And we have just the socks for you.

SockStarz has partnered with an innovative merino wool producer creating the highest quality light compression socks for an optimum walking and hiking experience. Farm to Feet specializes in high end 100% American made merino wool socks. Not only are they produced right here in the USA, but the wool and materials are also homegrown. You definitely should invest in a pair of these lightweight yet durable socks to prepare yourself for the warmer days ahead. They are practically worth their weight in gold.


Merino wool is an amazing natural fiber material that keeps your feet cool in summer and warm when it is chilly. That’s right, it stabilizes your temperature by keeping moisture away from your skin, which helps prevent blisters and discomfort. Did you know that merino wool also has anti-bacterial properties? These socks can literally help keep your feet healthy by insulating them while remaining dry and odor resistant. And they don’t itch. Ever.

By purchasing a pair (or two) of these super comfy socks, you are not only getting high quality, but you're also doing your bit to help the environment. Merino wool is fully bio-degradable, so you will leave the smallest environmental footprint when it comes time to buy a new pair!

You cannot go wrong with American made Farm to Feet merino wool socks. Your feet, and the planet, will thank you.

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